Personal Learning Journeys

Consider the following quote:.
"In networked, global classrooms, we learn in ways that physical-space classrooms can’t offer. We’re self-directed, inquiry- and passion-based learners who are finding our own teachers and classmates, writing our own curriculum, and learning anytime, anywhere, with anyone. It’s a learning environment that looks little like what happens in physical space classrooms."

Visit the following site about the Horizon Report:

During the staff meeting consider your own personal learning journey. Consider it in particular in relation to e-Learning.

Consider it in the context of your daily work and experiences in the classroom.

Find people who can work with you toward your next step in your personal learning journey. The focus is on learning with others rather than learning from others.

Join a learning group for the staff meeting or make one if there is something you want to learn or share.

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Making Wikis
Tracy, Steve

Digi Store and Learning Pathways
Matt A.
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Mail merge to create portfolio sheets


Google Docs
Creating Websites

When you have 17:04 minutes watch this video from the k12 Online conference

ACOT 2 - Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow
The following videos are examples of both student and teacher voice.
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