Welcome to the Term Two, 2010 Staff meeting page.

Before the staff meeting staff completed Part One of the survey below.

Results from survey:

The staff meeting started with the following presentation.

The e-Learning presentation in PDF form.

After the presentation at the staff meeting you will need to complete the second part of the survey.

Results from Survey:

For the second part of the staff meeting click on the google document below
Then join up with some real people and have some input into eLearning at Somerville.
The following document will be used to identify issues that need addressing. It also provides information to help with the planning for the following staff meeting in Week Three.
Google Document - eLearning at Somerville

Editing the Google Document
There is a great deal of content on the google document was created at the staff meeting.
Now is the time to step up and edit the document so it can be used outside the school as part of our milestone reporting.
Can you please read through the document and polish your comments and responses?
If you wish to develop an idea further please do so.
If you wish to remove a comment then do so.

David Anderson in his video from edTalks presents some ideas on effective dialogue. For the purposes of editing the google document consider the following.
Do you comments help us as a staff to reach understanding?
Is the dialogue non-judgementally?
Are the conversations exploring possibilities?

David Anderson's edTalk video, "The ways we speak: Key Elements" is embedded below for those who wish to view it.