Wired For learning Classrooms 2011
This year rooms 20,21,22 are working collabrotively in a wired for learning environment. Much of our philosophy and ideas around this were reinforced at the many breakouts and motivational keynote speakers the three teachers attended at ULearn 2010. We were inspired by the philosophies of speakers like Lane Clarke who reinforced our beliefs around Inquiry Learning.

Here is our philosophy:

2010 School Annual Plan

Our e-Portfolio Journey 2010:

At Willowbank School we have started looking at E-portfolio's. Kirsty Gray is leading the charge with Lisa Bonniface and Maureen Agnew following on.
We have decided to keep a dairy on this page of our journey-please feel free to support our journey.


28 April
I was invited to go to Somerville Intermediate staff meeting on 27 April that was lead by Linda Lehrke. It was called What is e-Learning? "The capital L gives you a clue".
It was very informative so I have invited Linda to our school to present at one of our I.C.T staff meetings this term on the same subject.

May 2010
At Willowbank School we are exploring our curriculum map in response to the exploration of NZC over the past few years. A presentation of our progress to date and next steps is attached. Please feel free to comment on the journey so far …

19 May 2010

The eportfolio team met for the first time today. We explored KnowledgeNet as a forum for reflecting on learning. We have started this journey with our 6 teachers and classes who will be trialing this for us.

Attached are the notes from our first session.

Sir Ken Robinson at TED 2010 - more words of wisdom …

watch the video here

Staff Meeting - 15 June - What is e-Learning

Exploring entrepreneurialship - a TED talk by Cameron Herald on how to raise kids to be entrepreneurs. Embraces the essence of NZC …

watch the TED talk here

School Wikis and Blogs

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We explored was teaching and learning should look like in each class.

As part of our Term 3 review we asked: "In your class is the focus on learning ABOUT ICT or learning THROUGH ICT?"

Term 4 2010

Our latest work on the curriculum map is here:

Find our concept overview for 2011 here:

"Spaceships" for each learning area are being created and co-constructed with staff to support our teaching and learning in each area; effective pedagogy, assessment, key competencies and programmes are explored by staff to create a Willowbank way for each learning area. Here is the example of The Arts:


At the beginning of Term 2 we worked as a staff to explore inquiry learning, curriculum and learning in the 21st century.

We used wallwisher to share our thoughts and ideas


We explored questioning and the explicit teaching of questioning skills