Links to Tony Ryan's resources and ones he has recommended

Tony Ryan's website

Thinker's Keys. Our schools will be trialling the new thinkers Keys, but some of his books and the old ones are free to download from the site above
Just click on 'free material' on the bookshelf on his home page

Tony Ryan's blog
His October 13 2009 post 'The 10 laws of U-learning' is very interesting (Jenny M.)

Tony Ryan's EDTalk
Transactional vs transformational teachers
Tony discusses the need for schools to have transformational teachers, focusing on who we are as being more important than what we teach. He outlines four roles of a transformational teacher, ‘Energiser’, ‘Connector’, ‘Entrepreneur’ and 'Sustainer'.

Links to Readings, explanations, templates etc. for Thinkers Keys

Heckman reading. "Invest in the young"