8.30am Milestone Reporting
Recap the requirements Judy
Ideas from other cluster reports Jenny
Listing school specific ideas In school groups

9.15am Idea for sharing expertise across schools Judy
One idea is to schedule one day a term to visit schools for workshops. Try to have it so that lead teachers can attend workshops (at least some)

9.20am List cluster expertise & possible workshops
A page will be put on the wiki and schools will enter names or email them to Jenny schools to emal me names

10.10am Morning Tea

10.40am Plan teacher preparation for Tony Ryan seminar In schools and/or mixed
(Format will depend on what has already been done in each school)
Jenny will put the following on the wiki:
All teachers expected to at least visit his blog and look at the new (through the school, not on his site which are the old ones)thinkers keys, his website, TKI curriculum area look at his digistory before his TOD. Key readings tba (We will ask Tony for key readings and/or principals)
Schools have permission to buy the $75 licence. Over this time it can be put actoss the scghools. If want to keep using them, can buy at full price

11.10am Explore EBE cluster wiki Jenny
Explore assorted relevant websites Individual or small groups
(Concurrent sessions)

11.30am Brainstorm recommended resources list Judy. Jenny will put them on the wiki
  • Tony Ryan’s books
  • New Thinker’s Keys
  • Steps Professional development books. Tactical Thinking Skills
  • Hooked on thinking Pam Hook
  • Fno.org questioning site
  • Mark Treadwell’s site
  • TKI
  • Digistore
  • SFL incl mihi
  • Promethean Planet

11.40am Individual school planning session In schools

12.10pm What do we want to see on our wiki? Jenny will reorganise the navigation bar and add the pages decided today

12.20pm Space for anything we have missed – or catch up time if running behind!
12.40pm Summing up and where to next Judy
Future meetings will be 8.30-12.30
• Feedback from schools.
• Feedback from tony Ryan TOD
• Rubric for teacher competency in the Inquiry Learning Process or elearning in NZC (as per AFOL rubrics)

Ulearn Deidre
Please start identifying who will go from each school
2-3 people per school
Identify participants after looking at the site
Techers book the conference and then give Deidre the names by the end of May.
Willowbank will book flights and accomodation