March 13 2009
Roles and Responsibilities

We are working across the cluster
Lead teachers need to ensure what they learn at conferences and meetings filters through to the staff and make it work. Everyone needs to be involved. All staff must feel valued and that they have gained from it.
Ensure that primary students have knowledge to flow through to the intermediate and college
B. assigned personnel
Feedback from L@S
Clarification of term 'lead teacher'. Could be confusion. elearning lead teachers4

Feedback from L@S. What have the schools done so far

Point View
Management team have discussed SOLO in-depth and will postpone implementation until next year
Whole staff meeting with workshops (Netvibes, elearning and literacy, crazy-talk animation, 5-frame picture stories)
Whole staff workshops on interactive whiteboards and the first Thinking Skills session with Irna from Somerville (STEP)
An elearning idea to be incorporated into each staff meeting

Somerville Intermediate
Staff meeting on SOLO and links to John Hattie's research and emphasis on feedback
Starting ICT Voyages (informal PLCs with topics such as wikis, blogs,i-movie and podcasting
experts in particular applications are listed in the staffroom
Daily Notices Wiki (as per Bucklands Beach Intermediate). All daily notices are entered by teachers. A discussion topic has had good response and feedback.
Some staff now have class wikis
The planning template has been adapted to include KCs

Leadership Team discussions and planning
Team Leaders have shared within their teams
The inquiry topic from week 5 term 2 will now be 'changes in communication'. Planning is looking at integration of ICTs.
James has started podcasting with students

Cluster goals
How will these be implemented within our schools?
The comments from groups at the Lead teacher Day were looked at

Each will be looked at within individual schools, with reporting back at cluster meetings
Planning for this was discussed within the school groups

Trevor Bond-Discussion from the session at conference
Julie Cowan (Willowbank)

Trevor's website

Planning for the TOD with Tony Ryan at Point View School
9-3 with catered lunch (would it be possible to have an extra session later on Thinkers Keys?)
View Tony's website before the TOD and read his blog

Tony will visit 5 times over the 3 years. We need to think about future uses of Tony e.g. Skype, school visits etc.
Focus: Inspiration and Solutions?
Ideas: Big picture stuff, motivational, where to next?
Please contribute to the discussion about ideas and outcomes for the visit

Overview of the year
Meeting dates-purpose/attendees
April 30- Suzie Vesper (national facilitator) visiting each of our schools to discuss progress
After school session - developing online skills (attendees to be decided)

National Cluster meeting -August 6-Deidre,James and/or Maureen (Willowbank), Linda (Somerville) will skype in, Robin + Ruth (Point View)
Wiki update
For other dates see wiki page

useful resources and information

Working with Jenny
Jenny will respond to individual school needs e.g. working with lead teachers, planning for future focusses/inquiry units, QLCs, working with individual teachers or syndicates etc.