View the podcasts of some of the speakers from Learning at School 2010.

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Dr Tom Hoerr Leading From Behind
Dr Tom Hoerr is head of the New City School in St. Louis, Missouri. He believes that perception is reality, and that leadership should be inclusive and empowering. Tom shares specific assumptions and practices for creating a learning organization and blends the work of Roland Barth, Carol Dweck, and Jim Collins in his strategies.

Dr Stuart Middleton School Looks Good But Is It Engaging?

In his keynote address from the 2010 Learning@school conference, Dr Stuart Middleton outlines what is known about disengagement and the reasons for this phenomenon, and outlines potential responses to it.

Mary Chamberlain
Using Standards to improve Learning

Mary Chamberlain is currently Group Manager, Curriculum Teaching and Learning-design for the NZ Ministry of Education. This spotlight focuses on the essential ingredients of the National Standards, and the conditions and actions needed to ensure National Standards make a positive difference for children's learning.