Collaborative Environments
from 2010 Horizon Report K12 - Link to full report
"Collaborative environments are online spaces where the focus is on making it easy to collaborate and work in groups, no matter where the participants may be."

"The technologies that support collaborative work range from small tools for jointly creating a single product, such as Voicethread, to shared document editors like Adobe Buzzword, Google Docs, and Etherpad, to wikis and group blogging systems, all the way up to self-contained environments for collaboration, like Moodle, Ning, or PageFlakes."

"Collaborative environments support both the collaborative creation of content and also communication or sharing of existing content. Tools that enable the former are the most well known, and include familiar applications like wikis, Google Docs, and group or class blogs. Wikis were one of the first technologies in this category, and it is increasingly rare to find a collaboration that does not use a wiki in one form or another."

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